What is an Herbalist?

An herbalist is a person who studies and is knowledgeable in the healing and beneficial properties of plants and other botanicals.

Herbs2500A major part of an herbalist’s work is to identify various herbs and know their use and purpose. Many herbalists  are also very skilled in the knowledge of how to collect and store the herbs properly to ensure that they will work as intended.

Herbalist who gather herbs in their natural wild state are called “wildcrafters”.  While many herbalists enjoy wildcrafting, many other herbalists grow their own herbs.  This helps them ensure the purity of their preparations.

In addition to knowing what a plant is used for a good herbalist always ensures that they have access to a trusted supply of herbs which are safe for their customers.

A true professional herbalist is also aware of potential drug interactions between various herbs and different pharmaceuticals, and will always vigilantly discuss and view a patient’s situation before prescribing an herbal remedy.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Mechell Turner, Certified Clinical Herbalist