Simply Herbal Services Provided

24/7 Online Store Shopping

Brick and Mortar Store: shop at 35 West Passaic Street in Peachland NC 28133. You can see a wider variety in our store than online, including brand name herbal products, essential oils, personal care and some local or specialty foods in season. Store hours do apply.

Private Teaching and Speaking

I offer classes and demonstration for groups, conferences, pow-wows and the like. Some fees may apply. Just ask me. I do teach for Childbirth, breastfeeding, herbs, men’s health and herbs and do hands on classes as well.

Personal Health/Herbal Consultations

I am not a doctor, so for medical emergencies please call your local emergency number. I will, however, work with you and your care provider in reaching optimal health through supplements and other healing techniques. Consultations are lengthy and there is a cost to provide them. Quick in-store guidance is free.

Custom Apothecary

I do make many of these herbal medicines and blends from modern and ancient recipes. I can make many blends to fit to your needs. They cost a bit more but are well worth the extra investment. I also have made custom blends for other businesses and herbalists. These are sold in bulk and at a cost that will take into consideration the time, materials, postage, and any extras like labeling. I will also wholesale my blends to other lactation consultants, other providers, or stores. I do not do capsules.

Doula and Labor Support Services

For mothers-to-be in the local area. Private labor support and teaching for parents and moms. There is a fee for this service which includes prenatal, labor, and postpartum visits. I do limit the number of clients I can serve, so please book as early as you can.