Boobie Bites Dark Chocolate Candy Bar for lactation support


Organic and Vegan   Specifically for lactation, each one ounce bar South American Dark chocolate with lactation herbs. No gluten, no added sugars or sweetners, no soy, no dairy, and gluten free. Made in a gluten free facility. Herb powders include: Chocolate nibs, coaoa, vanilla, Fenugreek, goat’s rue, Banaba leaf, dandelion root, Oat straw, milk thistle, nettles, blessed thistle, wild lettuce, shatavari, , flax seed oil, , moringa, red raspberry , alfalfa, schizandra berry, astragulus, Borage. each bar is worth 2 capsules of the adoptive lactation capsules. can be purchached indiviually or by the 15 count box.

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These are individual Dark chocolate bars full of galactagogues. Dark chocolate sourced from fair trade in Ecuador and Ghana. NO sugar, soy, dairy, eggs and is gluten-free. same herbs as the Adoptive lactation. Use for cookies, cakes. Has brown rice protein,

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