Pregnancy and Herbs

the 9th month of pregnancyThere are many women who turn to natural herbs and vitamins when they find they are pregnant, because they instinctively know that these natural herbs and vitamins provide essential nutrition for their bodies and growing baby.

Some even say these herbs and vitamins provide relief for some pregnancy discomfort.  Some herbalist find that using herbs on pregnant women is often better, cheaper and even healthier then using regular medication. But at the same token there are many medical professionals who feel the opposite, since they state that safety has not been proven through lots of research.

Natural herbs and vitamin supplements do not go through the same vigorous evaluation process by the FDA as prescription drugs do, and because of this no two batches of herbal supplements are the same.  These batches can vary in strength and quality and can also vary by manufacturer.

Consumers often wonder if  the product will do as the label claims or even knowing how safe the product is, since reliable information is hard to come by.

We all know that herbs are natural, but not all herbs are safe during pregnancy. The FDA strongly urges pregnant women not take any herbal products without talking to their midwives or doctors first.

Women are also urged to consult a trained and experienced herbalist (or other professional who is trained to work with herbs) if they want to take herbs during their pregnancies. Some herbal products may contain agents that are contraindicated in pregnancy, and this is something you don’t want.

So please consult a professional before you take any herbal products during your pregnancy.