Herbs for Men

Most people associate the use of herbs with women, but herbs can be very beneficial for men as well.  Impotence can affect men of all ages, and while there are a number of pharmaceutical products available on the market, the good news is that there are also herbal remedies available too!  For example, did you know that herbal tonics and infusions used  for treating impotence include Wild Oats and Chinese Horny Goat?  Sounds funny, doesn’t it?

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Indians are known to use liberal quantities of Saffron, Ashwamedha and Ginger to cure impotence and to increase their sex drive. Men concerned with their prostate use herbs like Ginseng and Chaparral  for low intensity tumors, while those with painful enlargement of the prostrate could be treated by using such herbs like Ginseng, Echinacea, Yarrow, Dandelion and Marshmallow.

Herbs for Men Only

There are certain herbs said to be used for men only some of these herbs include catmint, skullcap and mint said to be used to lower the blood pressure. Use Marjoram or Meadow Sweet to ease painful episodes of arthritis and Rheumatism. Have any digestive disorders? You can use herbal concoctions prepared from boiling angelica, nettle, juniper berries, mint and fennel leaves. To provide an extra boost in your energy levels, you can drink herbal teas and concoctions prepared from caraway, germander, marjoram, nettle and rosemary.