Adoptive and Induced Lactation Pumping and Supplementation Schedule

Congratulations on your choice to induce lactation for your soon coming child. It may take some time to build a partial or full supply of mother’s milk for your little one. Please be sure to work with a local IBCLC or professional lactation expert. Let the pediatrician and personal health care provider also know you are inducing lactation.

This endeavor will take time, and patience. It would be wise to also have made some decisions on how to supplement babe’s diet, either by formula, donor milk or a combination of the two. Have supplement on hand as you come home with the child. It is best if you supplement at breast when baby comes. Do what is right for you and your family, make sure you have an SNS® or Lact-Aid® available or you can make your own, See Dr. Jack Newman’s website for those instructions.

You also need a Hospital Grade breast pump. A manual or hand pump or small battery/ electric is not suitable for this situations. It takes sustained pumping and it is best to double pump for inducing lactation. Also learn how to manually express milk as it helps before pumping sessions.

These supplements are usually okay with domperidone or other pharmaceuticals, but please check with your pharmacist or physician. The instructions here are for use Simply Herbal’s lactation smoothie powder or better the capsules or tincture. If you do on have this you can order it on If not you need to get these three herbs: Alfalfa, Goats Rue, and Fenugreek. These amounts are for 500mg capsules. It will take a while to see change and feelings of your breasts.

Prior to pumping it is best to massage the breast similarly as if you were doing a self-breast exam. Be sure to massage up under the arm as well. Breast tissue is up there too. Also get the bottom of the breast and massage up toward the nipple area. You can speed the process up a bit if you feel ready but start about 6 weeks before you get the baby if you can.


Week 1. Pump breasts 3 times daily (after meal is easy) for about 10 minutes per session. Lubricate the breast if needed with olive oil to prevent tissue damage. Start on low suction and then after a few days you should be able to manage stronger suction.

Week 2. Pump breast 4 times daily, (meals- Bedtime) for about 15 minutes per session.

Week 3. Pump breasts 5 times daily for about 20 minutes per session.

Week 4. Pump breasts 6 times a day for 20 minutes per session. Be sure that you get a night time pumping in here say 1 am or so. This can be a shorter session, but babies wake at night to be fed.

Weeks 5 & 6. Pump 6 times daily for 20 minute session. Then get 2 more sessions of 10 -15 minutes at night. Say midnight and 4 am. Infants usually feed 8-12 times in a 24 hour period. Once you get the baby you will be feeding him or her instead of pumping, but I would pump maybe 5 minutes after that nursing. Holding baby skin to skin, aids bonding and the breastfeeding. Watch the baby’s output, stool, urination, fontanelles and satisfaction as an indication of getting enough food. As baby starts to get more milk from you, you will notice baby is taking less supplement. That is a wonderful thing. A happy, healthy baby and mom. Note, Fenugreek and goat’s rue are known to lower glucose levels and resistance; if you have a drop in blood sugars seek medical attention and discontinue use. Alfalfa is a healthy food. However, too much can cause loose stools and gas. Just cut back. Other single herbs that are known to boost milk supply, are Anise, fennel, dill, dandelion, blessed thistle, black cumin, sesame seed and borage.

Herbs and supplements:

Milk In Smoothie Powder: one scoop daily as substitute for Capsules.

Week 1: 1 Adoptive milk in capsule 4 times daily with meal. 1 dropper full of the tincture 4x daily.


1 500mg caps of each Alfalfa, Fenugreek and Goat’s Rue. If using a tincture 2 droppers-full with each meal and at bedtime. You may not get milk at the first week stage. But most women do feel some breast changes by the end of the week.

Week 2: 2 Adoptive milk in Capsules at meal and bed time. If using the tincture, 4 droppers-full. If using the single herbs bump up to 2 capsules of each at meal and bed time.

Week 3: 3 capsules Adoptive Milk- In 4 times daily or 5 droppersful of the tincture. If using the single herbs, move up to 3 capsules 4 times daily at meals and bedtime.

Week 4: Keep with the week 3 schedule. Add the smoothie powder to favorite shake or fruit and a boost.

First rule is to feed the baby!!! Always! When you get the bundle of Joy, make sure that you have some formula, or donor or your own expressed breast milk available. You may feed through a supplementer or bottle. Supplementer is used at breast. Lots of skin to skin also helps. Please seek the aid of an IBCLC in your quest. It can be done.

Best Wishes on your endeavor and Thank you for choosing us as your herbal product source.